Back in 2008, I had this idea of forming an online book club, with a blog that would be a forum for members to discuss the books they read. I presumed that, like me, other booklovers would also love to write about what they had read. And so, on November 6th, 2008, I started The Aspiring Book Critics' Club.

I was to find out, very soon, that not everybody who loves reading likes talking about the literature they read. At its zenith, The ABC Club had 8 members (including me), and almost all of them were friends of mine. Only one person had been a total stranger- Shruti, from Mumbai, who had approached me with a request for joining the Club.

The ABC Club died sometime after its first birthday. No member had written on with particular sincerity on the club blog, and there was only so much I could do single-handedly. When I gave up, both The ABC Club blog, and my personal blog disappeared.

In a few months, though, I made my return. This time, I'm the captain of a ship called Bibliovores Inc, and although there's a suggestion of plurality in the name, I'm perfectly happy to be the only crew, to steer this ship with perfect independence.

Bibliovores Inc. is not just another book club. Although some book "reviews" (or "critiques", as I choose to call them) have been carried over from The ABC Club blog, I believe that most of the posts can rightly claim a distinction from being merely book "reviews". I believe that what I write, whenever I write, on this blog, are intimate accounts of my experiences with certain books. I have fun writing these accounts, and I hope that every reader would have fun reading them, too.